The Bowler's ED/In-School Bowling program provides elementary and middle school youth in Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District the opportunity to learn the sport of bowling in their physical education classes.  

Bowler's ED/In-School Bowling includes material that has been tested in gymnasiums across the country ....... with outstanding success!

Copperfield Bowling Center provides the equipment and materials that allow the students to develop bowling skills in the comfortable confines of their gym or multi-purpose room.  Pins, balls, and an easy-to-use illustrated teacher's manual are all part of the "education partnership".

Activities for Fitness and Fun are also part of the bowling class.  What really makes the bowling unit unique is that it also includes LANES TO BOWL ON!  Six 20' x 3' carpets serve as lanes with numbered spots for the pins, a foul line, and arrows for targeting.

At the conclusion of the program, each student is provided with a 'game pass' or coupon that allows him/her to bowl a game of bowling free.  When possible, a FIELD TRIP to the bowling center is scheduled.  This school outing makes for a great finish to any gym bowling program.

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