- You must have a minimum of 20 bowlers to host a fundraiser
- There will be a non-refundable deposit based on the number in your party. This deposit is due within 14 days of the date of the event.
- Copperfield Bowl will be glad to have a representative visit with you and tour our site to help you choose the right package and plan your event. 
- All packages are available to customizations.
- Caters may be brought in, but must be discussed first with a Manager and/or Sales Director of Copperfield Bowl.  Otherwise, no food or drink may be brought into the Bowling Center without express permission of Management.


Please call our Sales Director or Manager to book your fundraiser: 
Phone: (281) 550-8710 
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

Bowl-A-Thon or Pledge Bowling

The biggest money-maker bar none!
Each person in your group attending the fundraiser would solicit pledges based on the number of pins they knock down during the event.  Pledges can be any amount per pin, or flat rates of any amount.  A minimum of 5 pledges should be set, with prizes for the bowler with the most pledges.  They would also pay the low fundraiser price covering their own bowling.​
Copperfield bowl will gladly supply you with the signup flyers, and the pledge sheets.

Celebrity Bowling

Much like The Cover Charge package, your group may be able to hire a local celebrity (TV News personality, radio DJ, sports star or another type of well known local hero) to bowl with you on your fundraising day or night.
Each person who attends the fundraiser would pay a fee (ie: $20) to bowl with or speak with the celebrity.
This type of fundraiser is most beneficial because it generates a lot of hype...and adds attention to your cause, therefore generating more interest and more entries!